You Can’t Hit A Target You Can’t See! NOW is the time to plan for 2015!

At every marketing seminar I present to small businesses I ask who in the audience has a marketing plan. I am always surprised when only 2 or 3 hands go up.

Marketing plans are not complicated or hard to develop. They are relatively easy to craft, once you know what questions to ask.

A marketing plan will provide guidance for your company throughout the year and can be easily modified if circumstances change. It will help answer key questions about your business – what are your goals? How are you different from your competitors? What strategies will you use?

The most important reason to have a marketing plan is it will increase your success!

A Marketing plans does many things:

  1. Provides a framework in which to work towards your clearly defined goals and ensures your marketing goals are aligned with your business goals and strategy.
  2. Helps you determine your priorities and keep you focused.
  3. Formalizes ideas and concepts.
  4. Enables clear decision making with defined objectives, tasks, timelines and budgets.
  5. Integrates long and short term planning.

The biggest benefit of preparing a marketing plan isn’t just the finished plan. The course you take in developing the plan will provide deeper insight into your business. This will serve you well as you encounter the daily challenges faced by all entrepreneurs.

Even if you have a busy schedule, as the end of 2014 approaches it’s important to set aside some time to create a sound marketing plan for your business – chances are that you will be glad you did.

By Kirsty Stevenson –