Every time you create a new blog post , you are actually creating  a New page with new content (And Google Loves it!!)

A blog is a collection of Articles that are posted on your website .  You can have a link to your Blog blogwith a list of all the articles and you can also define different categories depending on the subject of your blog post (e.i : News, Events, Deals, Featured Articles, etc..)

When you create a new blog, remember to include keywords that will help with your Google Rank.

TITLE: Remember to have a descriptive Title of the Blog.

CONTENT: When you write an article, try to use keywords that are relevant to the story you are writing about and that are useful to your target audience.

PICTURES: Images are great to capture your customer’s attention.. Always add a couple of images to your blog.

SHARE: Once your post is created, you can Share it on all you Social Media Profiles. If you are using WordPress… there are great tools that allow you to automatically publish your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. That way, you don’t have to dedicate too much time, just create a post, publish it and your followers will have access to it everywhere!!

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