In order to succeed online, you need to develop strategies to build online presence but you will also need to take steps to maintain it.



  • Having a consistent image for all of your websites and profiles will help potential customers to remember you.  
  • Try to use the same business name, colours, fonts and image for your website and social media profiles you create for your business.


  •  A professional website is key to every business. Your potential customers will first try to find your website when searching online..
  •  Your website’s FrontPage is your store window and will be the first impression to your visitors.
  •  Your business’s website will be the link to your “online presence” that’s why it is so important to have Social media buttons on your Website’s FrontPage.
  •  Another advantage of your website is that you can customize it with the help of a professional developer.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

  • You now have a website and the next step is to promote it.
  • Search engines are the first and more powerful sites people use these days to find products and services.
  • Optimizing your website will make it easier for search engines to find your business


  • A Blog within your website will maintain your online presence.
  • From your Blog, you can share news, events, and new offers with your audience.
  • Blogs can be easily setup in order for your post to be shared on your Social Media profiles (Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)


  •  While for some businesses having interactive “Social Media profiles” in order to maintain their audiences is a must; for other businesses, just a simple profile with weekly or bi-weekly updates is enough to build and maintain online presence. That’s why it is very important to know your audience and their needs.


  •  There are many local, national and international directories where you can advertise your business for free
  • Depending on your location and products/services you sell, it is always a good idea to submit your business listing to online directories.


  • By adding your Business information to Google Places, not only your website will be listed on the search page but also on Google maps.
  • The service is Free. Business's address verification is required.